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Anxiety Salves

Anxiety Salves

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Our AnxietiCalm is made up of a blend of calming and anti-anxiety herbs that are known for aiding tranquility, calming anxiety, easing extreme anxiousness, supporting tension and stress response, and also providing relaxation when used as aromatherapy. The natural aroma is divine and intoxicating, with a mix of summer citrus, fields of lavender, vanilla bean, and fresh-cut rose, and when rubbed into the skin, it can enter the bloodstream and have a soothing effect, or when breathed in and paired with meditation, AnxietiCalm can have a powerful and immediate effect on easing panic attacks.

Rub some on your feet, wrists, chest, chakras, and/or temples when feeling anxious, nervous, overwhelmed, or in a negative mood, and can have a powerful effect on the effectiveness of meditation. We always focus on medicinal strength, so a little goes a long way.

When feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or if your mood is suffering, rub some on your feet, wrists, chest, chakras, and/or temples. If you're dealing with an anxiety attack, rub into wrists, temples, and in tension areas, then breathe in the natural aroma while taking slow even breaths with meditation. External use only.

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