Crushed Botanicals Apothecary believes in healing through the holistic connection of plants and people. Meaning - rather than looking at a plant as 'what is this good for', we seek to integrate whole plant medicine to regain a balance between the mind, body, spirit, and its environment, to preserve our good health, to promote longevity and to improve our quality of life. Our 'wholistic' approach to herbalism, is equal parts maintenance and prevention. 

All of our ingredients are grown substantially or wildcrafted. We know for certain where your herbal supplements are coming from and please support farmers that put in the extra labor to craft their products from seed to bottle. This is why you may find many of our products in high demand or in limited availability...so get it while you can!  If we don’t make it, we don’t sell it.  If it sells out, we will restock it as soon as it grows again.

We don't employ big machines or mechanical processes, but rather handle each plant part with care, appreciation and two hands, encouraging a deeper connection to the plant world around us. It takes time, patience and respect to infuse good vibes into our plants....and we love getting our hands dirty!

With intention, we handcraft every plant product, and offer each to you.